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Extraterrestrials is the first AO NFT based project on the blockchain.

Our focus is the commercialisation of businesses through acquisition in the formation of a traditional venture capital organisation.

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ET Genesis Collection

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Our ecosystem is ever growing with the movements we make. Creativity powered by passion and excitement is what we embody. We aim to be light on our feet, so we can pivot and turn as needed as we grow in this space.


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extraterrestrials nft ET NFT
extraterrestrials nft ET NFT
extraterrestrials nft ET NFT
extraterrestrials nft ET NFT
extraterrestrials nft ET NFT



Secure your seat at our table by becoming a Premium Member within our community. If you see the potential of Web3 and believe in the vision, we welcome you.


 3 Guaranteed Mints

Exclusive access to our ‘Premium Club’ on discord

Ticket to Alphaship

Prioritised access to future developments and exclusive drops


 5 Guaranteed Mints

Exclusive access to our ‘Premium Club’ on discord 

Ticket to Alphaship

Prioritised access to future developments and exclusive drops


 7 Guaranteed Mints

Exclusive access to our ‘Premium Club’ on discord 

Ticket to Alphaship

Prioritised access to future developments and exclusive drops

Limited edition Hoodie



Phase 1

Build The foundations

Build The Foundations Of Our Community’s Culture

Marketing & Brand Exposure

Fuel The Alpha Ship

Mint ET Genesis Collection

Phase 2

Development of the ecosystem

Expand the Extraterrestrials Development Team

Launch The AlphaShip

Premium Members to Board the AlphaShip

Development Of ET AO

Development Of ET Utility Token

Expansion Of The AlphaShip

Phase 3


Launch of our first Web2.5 business

Wearables announcement

Coming Soon…

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extraterrestrials nft ET NFT







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Digital Expert


Blockchain Developer


Team Member


Team Member

Bronze Membership


0.08 ETH

Silver Membership


0.12 ETH

Gold Membership


0.16 ETH


Our Membership concept stemmed from the understanding and importance of having an invested community of builders not flippers, pioneering the way through the realm of Web3. We are a community of likeminded individuals from all walks of life, united through common interests and dedicated to the long-term vision.

Initially, Premium Memberships grant you instant Allow-List access (to mint your NFT’s) along with added utility as we build and grow: Gold Membership, Silver Membership, Bronze Membership.

As a Premium Member you will have access to our AlphaShip. AlphaShip access can only be obtained through holding a Premium Membership. Once you have obtained a membership you will gain access to an exclusive section within our community discord allowing you to connect with other likeminded individuals and successful individuals in both Web2 and Web3.

As a committed family member of our community, you will have a comprehensive insight into the development of the AO and the businesses in which we launch for commercialising. This will have additional benefits for when our Utility Token is launched, giving you early access prior to public launch.

Additionally, educational modules will be built out, as well as access to our AlphaShip ‘captains’. Our Captains will be sharing insight into the industry as well as providing calls on upcoming projects and businesses opportunities.

Currently there is no structure for secondary sales of Premium Memberships. What that means is that once they are allocated you will miss your chance to get in, even if you purchase an ET at mint or on the secondary market.

Values & Mission

Community – We believe that proximity is key. Building a community full of like minded individuals will be the catalyst to our early success in the realm of Web 3. We strive to deliver the latest tech and innovation to the space, by successfully executing this, our community will enjoy the fruits of their dedication to the vision.

Collaboration – Through collaboration, we want to utilise the resources and brainpower of our community. Web 3 is a new world, a place that welcomes an abundance of innovation and creativity. An opportunity for a new generation to come together and change the world in a virtuous way. We are currently exploring mechanisms to develop the most efficient system to unite our community on the blockchain. More information coming soon…

Creation – Just to be clear, we are a team devoted to the long run. We see the potential of Web 3, we will pave our own way with curiosity and creativity at the forefront. After building our communities foundations and then coming together as one, we will be able to bring our earliest developments to life. Creating cool sh*t is is our thing! More information coming soon…


This is Digital fashion, sold and collected on the blockchain. Think collectable pieces, limited drops and clothing that physical reality just can’t foster. Our wearables concept is a hybrid physical and technology solution with an inbuilt exchangeable platform with a core focus on environmental sustainability. This will be one of the first ET owned businesses launched for commercialisation under the AO. This solution will allow integration and adoption of existing companies within the Web2 world bridging the transition to Web3.


As successful entrepreneurs and investors/builders of Web2, we understand the opportunity that lies for those who are willing to unite and work hard in pioneering and building in Web3. This is what sparked the initial creation of the Extraterrestrials ecosystem.

As various new businesses and projects enter the space it is essential that they have an intrinsic understanding of the management of commercials (Cryptocurrencies and Fiat) as well as high level business management to ensure that all communicated deliverables of the business/project have been met by the delivery teams.

Our primary focus is the commercialisation and management support of Web2 technology businesses to bridge the gap and support the initial deployments of their product and service offerings in Web3. Through this process we will have the ability to support businesses as a Joint Venture through the acquisition of shares of their company, which in return will drive various value back to our developed AO and invested community.

We understand that what worked in Web2 will not necessarily work in Web3. As a project that has developed efficient systems and is already commercially backed, we have started the acquisition of businesses with the signing of our first business prior to the launch of our project and ecosystem.


Extraterrestrials are a collection of 3000 3D high quality rendered avatars, think of them as individual identities in our ecosystem. They are unique and randomly generated featuring over 100 traits. We are in the development phase of our AO in which each identity (NFT) will be linked to. This will allow us to connect our ecosystem and drive value to our holders in a decentralised way. More information coming soon…